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Hi! I'm Courtney. I'm twenty one (!!!) and I currently reside in Central, Illinois. I'm a girl that likes girls. I also like a little bit of everything else. Ganja girl, I light up more than the eiffel tower.


Aye yo girl, let's makeout.

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Magical girl is not something you can retire from …. 




I’m so much cooler on tumblr than in real life but I’m not even cool on tumblr

This is so true I need to hit myself with a frying pan because of it.

please don’t hit yourself with a frying pan??

"Neat front aisles are the sign of a bored cashier."

Ancient retail proverb (via marchingatmidnight)


parents: "let’s talk about your future" 



melon - my first impression of you

peach - what i like most about your blog

vanilla - what i like most about you

lilac - why / how i started following you

orange - my opinion of you now and our status

coconut - a blog that reminds me of yours

plum - a song that reminds me of you / your blog

sweet pea - would i go out with you

strawberry - i secretly think… 

mango - anything you want me to answer about you 


Strawberry - I’m in love with you.

Cherry - I love you.

Watermelon - I think you’re cute.

Blueberry - You’re amazing.

Kiwi- You’re pretty

Rasberry - You’re hot.

Paopu Fruit - I would date you.

Grapes - I could stay on your blog for hours.

Lemon - You are my tumblr crush.

Orange - I want to get to know you.

Tangerine - We have a lot in common.

Lemon - I wish you would notice me.

Lime - I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.

Fuck these craaaaaamps.